101 Things You May Not Know About Tania

  • My first nickname was Tarantasaurus Ruiness Rex.
  • The best nickname came from my husband.  He calls me The Muse.
  • I picked Diva all by myself.
  • To this day my grandmother calls me Roo..
  • I was born & raised on the West Coast of Canada.
  • I didn’t have many of friends growing up.
  • During my childhood education I attended 12 schools.  I even went back and forth to one of those schools 5 times!
  • I hit my bed many days after school in tears, wondering why I didn’t fit in.
  • Could be the reason for the afrorementioned lack of friends.
I had to repeat algebra 11.  Math is not my strong suit.


Me - I'm guessing about 5

  • When I was in my twenties – I refused to divulge my age.
I have 2 younger sisters.
  • When I was 13 I had a job growing 450 POUNDS of Alfalfa Sprouts every week.
  • When I decided the sprouts were too much work, my replacement was 27.  I had to train them.
  • My mom had me at the age of 16.
  • I moved out on my own when I was 15.
  • We grew up poor.  Really poor.
  • I don’t remember being aware of the poorness, completely.
  • At six I need 16 stitches on my big toe the result of a run in with a frog pond.
  • I was an only child for 9 years.
  • My mom and dad have been married for 40 years.
My mom and dad lived together for 1.5 of those years.
  • I majored in Communications at college… only in Canada… we call it University.
  • I didn’t belong to a Sorority, they weren’t that big in Canada, or if they were I didn’t know it.
  • I’m happily married.
  • My husband and I met online.
  • My husband is a professional comedy writer.
  • People ask what it’s like being married to someone who is professionally funny? You know that Keith Urban song – “I’m going to put you in a song”… I’m going to put you in a joke just doesn’t have the same ring!
  • Stories from our real life have appeared in prime time.
  • I make my Canadian friends bring me Hawkin’s Cheezies.  I know, they are so bad for you!
  • I have 2 children.
  • I have a stepson who lives on the east coast, so I have 3 children.
  • I have a husband who lives with me, so sometimes I have 4 children.
  • I gave birth to both of my children using hypnosis – that means no drugs.
  • My first child was conceived in Las Vegas, I like to say “What happens in Vegas doesn’t ALWAYS stay in Vegas.  
Happily we were actively trying for our first child.
  • I was a certified ski instructor
I never actually taught anyone how to ski, just wanted to make it through the program
  • I lived in Whistler, BC, Canada.
  • At the time I was my banks youngest Mortgage Holder.
  • I’ve donated hair 3 times.
  • I’ve had 4 ear surgeries.
  • My right ear has a human prosthetic bone.
  • My left ear has a metallic (man-made) prosthetic bone.
  • Or it could be the other way around… I get them confused.
  • My favorite forms of exercise is S-Factor.
  • I was raised by my mother.
  • My father has barely been involved in my life.  Barely.
  • He lost all my baby pictures – forgot where he took them to be developed.
  • He did show up for the wedding.
Has never checked in to see how my children are, or how I was while I was pregnant.  He “doesn’t want to interfere.”
  • I’ve worn sunscreen on my face most everyday since I was 13 years old.
  • I read a British Vogue that convinced me I would age more gracefully.
  • We fostered 7 puppies.  Once.
I was promised we wouldn’t keep any of them…
  • Dude talked me into Doggie Diva… I wasn’t really given a choice.
  • We now have 3 large dogs.
  • I didn’t want to date anyone with dogs… now I have 3.
  • Proof to me that God has a sense of humor.
Our house is never empty.
  • When I’m home alone,  I love how peaceful it is – it’s a rarity.
  • When I dined alone and I was single, I remember trying to convince myself I was enjoyed dining alone.  Now, when I have the opportunity… bliss.
  • We have no family living within 800 miles of us.
  • My favorite Movie is a little known gem called Hear My Song, starring Ned Beatty.
  • I’ve never smoked a cigarette.
  • I’ve never tried an illegal drug.
  • Unless you count the time I was 7 or 8 and my mother gave me mushroom tea.  She says I asked for it.
  • Did I mention, 
I believe in God.
  • I tend to view expiration dates as guides vs a set rule.
  • My cocktail of choice is a Grey Goose L’Orange Cosmopolitan.
  • I am NOT a morning person.
  • I get up on Sunday morning to go to Church – but we do go to the late morning service.
  • I love the smell of Vanilla.
  • Vanilla is also my favorite flavor of ice cream.
  • Caffeine gives me the shakes.
  • Caffeine also keeps me awake at night.
  • Needless to say, I take decaf.
  • I gave up splenda.
  • The thing I miss most  about giving it up: Diet Hansen’s Black Cherry.
  • I find regular soda too sweet.
  • I took a lot of popcorn to school in my lunches.
  • I used popcorn as currency trading it by the handful to upgrade my lunches.
  • I have a habit of buying supplies in bulk.
  • This means i have 2 CASES of toilet paper in my garage right now.
  • We snowmobiled in the woods once Christmas and rode back with a Christmas Tree that we chopped down (It was on my mom’s property).
  • I sold cars for Jaguar.
  • I’ve studied interior design in both Canada & the US.
  • I’m beyond excited about being the same size I was when my husband and I dated – AFTER birthing 2 children!
  • Even more exciting – I didn’t have to work out for 2 hours daily – to reach that milestone.  Couldn’t have made that work even if I wanted to.
  • I really enjoy a cup of organic hot chocolate at night.
  • I’ve all but given up my favorite perfume Angel – fragrances aren’t required to reveal ingredients and as a result I don’t feel very comfortable using them regularly.  I save it for special occasions instead.
  • I don’t like lavender.
  • I was tortured by compost duty as a child.
  • I now compost myself, the easy way.
  • When I was single, Patty Sanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker set me up on a date.
  • I never had to go through one of her “casting sessions.”
  • I used to salsa dance 3-5 nights a week.
  • I can walk in 6″ heels.  I blame the S-factor (see above)
  • Macaroni and cheese is the only meal that my entire family is happy to eat. Makes me crazy.
  • Having children inspired my passion to get informed about living less toxically.
  • I love dude ranches.
  • Breakfast is my favorite meal.  Ironic given the way I feel about mornings.
  • I’m a survivor.
  • I love chocolate hazelnut truffles.
  • I can eat a lot of blueberries.
  • I have vivid memories of the ceiling in one of my childhood homes collapsing.  Ka boom.
  • I always remember my mom growing a big garden.
  • I now have a small garden of my own.  Very small and I’m not afraid to call in back up!
  • I love to read, but can’t read and lead a normal life… When I get locked into a book, I will read until daybreak.
  • I’m not sure exactly why I wanted to move to Los Angeles, I know that since living here I’ve felt completely at home.
  • Did I mention – Math wasn’t my strong subject?

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