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Secret Extensions Twitter Party & Giveaway

New Year New You Twitter Party & Giveaway

Who doesn’t want fuller looking hair, and how much fun would it be to easily change your look in seconds?  With new secret extensions hair extensions, you can, and it’s as simple as putting in a headband.  As a busy working mom I don’t have time to futz around with my hair so I’m always on the lookout for quick and easy ways to look pulled together.


The Benefits Secret Extensions

  • Require no glue
  • No salon appointment and no special skills to use.
  • Goes on in moments, like a hairband.
  • Style with your own hair.
  • Perfect for busy women & moms who want a simple way to look and feel great, without investing a ton of time and money.
  • Endorsed by Daisy Fuentes (she will also be tweeting at the party).

Join us on Tuesday for a live twitter event with Daisy Fuentes, fun new ways to do your hair & Door Prizes!


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Check out this video that shows just how easy Secret Extensions are to wear.

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Mineral Make Up Ingredients

The Best Make Up Primer for Naturally Minded

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The Best Make Up Primer for Naturally Minded

A primer is great to have in your make up bag.  While primer might not be considered a make up essential by all, it’s a great tool to pull out for special occasions, days you need your make up perform, and some women love it so much they use it daily in their routine.   Primer can also be helpful in concealing scars.

Conventional primers use waxes, polymers and silicone that help to form a bond with your cosmetics.  Like all areas of our cosmetics routine we can find more natural options that will meet our needs.  None of the options we’ve selected contain any silicone,  two do contain a crosspolymer.  I haven’t yet found a liquid primer without them.

If you are looking for the most natural primer option a powder will likely be your purest option – they simply contain fewer, safer ingredients.

The PND Round Up of natural options for the Best Make Up Primer Features:

The Best Make Up Primer

Youngblood Primer with Honeysuckle – Retails around $40

Mineral Fusion Primer with Pomegranate Oil – Retails around $22

Dash Minerals Primer – Retails around $15

Fusion of Color Mineral  Lavish Silk Primer – Only 5 ingredients – Retails around $17

If you have a primer you’d like to see featured in our next round  of the Best Make Up Primer let us know!

Mineral Make Up Ingredients To Avoid

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Mineral Make Up Ingredients To Avoid

Mineral Make Up is a great option for those looking for natural beauty solutions.  Mineral Make Up is even billed as good for your skin – so much so that you can sleep in it… I’m not sure I would go that far, but I do believe they offer a better beauty option to those looking for the purest beauty options in the marketplace.

Mineral Make Up Ingredients

Mineral Make Up Offers Consumers Many Choices

Mineral Make up often contains fewer, less processed, less potentially harmful ingredients, but there are a few mineral make up ingredients to scan for before you make your final decision.

Cheat Sheet: Mineral Make Up Ingredients to Avoid

I would universally avoid these ingredients often found in  mineral make up:

  • Naonoparticles
  • Talc

Some people with sensitive skin may react to:

  • Bismuth Oxychloride

Let us know if you have any concerns or questions about Mineral Make Up Ingredients or any other Beauty Product that you would like to see addressed in an upcoming PND Video!



What is Mineral Make Up?

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What is Mineral Make Up? 

PND is working on a series that will share our favorite Mineral Make Up products with you, but first we wanted to answer a question we get asked a lot – What is Mineral Make Up?


What is you favorite Mineral Make Up?

Does That Fresh Scent Come at the Expense of Your Health?

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Fragrance & Perfumes Might be Making You or Your Loved Ones Sick

cosmetics safety

Fragrances... not too pretty


Chemically formulated fragrances have permeated every area of our life. Every day we use lotions, potions, and cosmetics to make us look, smell and feel better, but what if those same products are actually making us feel worse.  Pure Natural Diva suggests we take an inventory of all the products we are using that contain fragrance ingredients, as one of the simple steps you can take in moving towards a healthier life. So simple… yet such a challenge.

Think toxins in fragrances can’t be THAT bad? Check out this piece.

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Tell us more about your Fragrance concerns and what you discovered as you started to read your product labels!

Why PND is Passionate About Natural Beauty Products?

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Natural Beauty: Why is This Approach to Beauty Worthwhile?

Every day we use lotions, potions, and cosmetics to make us look, smell and feel better, but what if those same products are actually making us feel worse.  Pure Natural Diva shares a couple of the reason she is SO passionate about choosing natural & organic personal care products.

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Tell us more about your Natural Beauty concerns, so we can address them in future videos?

PND Talks Natural Beauty & Sunscreen on MommyToMommyTV






Natural Beauty & Sunscreen on MommyToMommyTV

Check out the fun! Kimberley Blaine – from MommyToMommyTV – sat down with me for a chat – and we talked a little bit about make up… in particular safer make up choices! Enjoy!



Looking for help with Sunscreen this summer…? Be sure to check out the PND 2011 list of safer sunscreen picks. We are also working feverishly to bring you the PND product guide – in the meantime, if you have any products you need guidance with… I’m on twitter – all – the – time – and I’m always happy to do what I can to help you find the right product – find us @purenaturaldiva.

A few of the shots from the day with Kimberley!

Talking Natural Beauty & Sunscreen On Location at the Montage Beverly Hills

Natural Beauty & Sunscreen


Natural Beauty Sunscreen


Share your favorite Natural Beauty & Sunscreen Tips!

Naturally Beautiful: Safer Sunscreen


Naturally Beautiful Sunscreen Should Protect Your Skin Without Adding To Your Toxin Load

If you want naturally beautiful skin, you need to take care of it… and one of the most important steps in protection against skin cancer and aging… is sunscreen.  Because sunscreen is such a key step… it is very important to take care to select a product that is safe on your skin.

Our skin is our largest organ and everything that goes on our skin, is absorbed to some degree into our bodies.  This summer consider committing to using safe sunscreens.

Naturally Beautiful Safer Sunscreen

Safer Sunscreen Options

PND Naturally Beautiful Safer Sunscreen Options

  • All Terrain: Aquasport Performance Sunscreen SPF 30
  • Badger: Sunscreen, Unscented SPF 30 +
  • Jason Natural Cosmetics Sunbrellas: Mineral Based Physical Sunblock SPF 30+
  • Earth’s Best Sunblock, Mineral Based SPF 30 +
  • All California Baby Sunscreens
  • Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35
  • If you find yourself with no safe natural labels – Coppertone WaterBabies Pure & Simple – SPF 50 – oil, fragrance & dye free – is a safer formulation. Note – a simple change in SPF could result in the product being moved into PND unsafe territory.

PND Naturally Beautiful Safer Sunscreen –  Spray Options

Know you’ll be at the beach with no one to get your back… ?   A spray might be your only option.  Our safest Sunscreen Spray picks:

  • Kinesys Alcohol-Free Performance Sunscreen Spray with Parsol 1789, Fragrance Free, SPF 30
  • All Terrain Aquasport Spray SPF 15

Naturally Beautiful Sunscreen Shopping Pointers

Look for at least 7% zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.  This will ensure  UVA & UVB protection.

Naturally Beautiful Shoppers Avoid:

  • Spray and Powder Sunscreen
  • Vitamin A additive, retinyl palmitate – according to the FDA this additive has been deemed a likely photocarcinogen.
  • Sunscreen insect repellent combo – pesticides absorbing into your body
  • Ingredients; Oxybenzone or benzophenone-3, skin absorption, allergies, hormone problems
  • Proceed with caution or avoid these brands; Coppertone, Banana Boat and Most Neutrogena

Naturally Beautiful Note – be prepared when switching to safer sunscreens you are going to move into products that are going to be thicker, whiter and slower to absorb that other sunscreen choices. This is because they rely on a high concentration of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to block the suns rays.

Which Naturally Beautiful Safer Sunscreen Will Be in Your Beach Bag This Summer?

Homemade Acne Recipe Options

Organic Natural Green Living

Homemade Acne Recipe Treatment Options

Searching for an acne recipe solution, Katie (not her real name) was frustrated.  Despite numerous visits to doctors and dermatologists, she was still experiencing breakouts.  So she decided to enhance her skin care routines with a trip to the kitchen instead of a clinic.

She realized there are a number of common household items that are beneficial for your skin, and a homemade acne recipe just might be the solution she’d been looking for all along. Remember, however, that everyone’s skin is different so a patch test is always a good idea when you try a new product or routine.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar, which made a splash a couple years ago as a possible weight loss aid, is also a popular homemade acne recipe skin treatment ingredient. Applied to the face with a cotton ball, carefully avoiding the eyes, it can be used straight {or diluted with water for those with sensitive skin}. Keep in mind, it is drying and while some believe it reduces redness and scarring you will need to moisturize following application.

Aloe Vera:

Do you have a green thumb?  The juice from a snip of your aloe vera houseplant is a popular acne recipe remedy if dabbed on trouble spots.  For non-gardeners, aloe vera is readily available in gel form at your local store.

If you would really like to have some fun, consider a homemade acne recipe facial.  Made with all natural ingredients, it is simple and inexpensive.

Homemade Acne Recipe

Homemade Clay Mask Ingredients

Homemade Acne Recipe: Clay Mask


    • 1/2 tablespoon cosmetic grade French green clay
    • 1 – 2 tablespoon water
    • 1/2 teaspoon honey

Variations:  for dry skin, add 1/2 teaspoon jojoba oil and consider Moroccan red clay, which can be less drying.


    1. Blend clay and 1 T water and mix into a smooth paste, adding additional water as needed.  Let stand for a few minutes.
    2. Add honey and combine well.
    3. Apply a thin layer of mask to face and let sit for 10-15 minutes
    4. Rinse off with a steaming washcloth (make sure washcloth is not too hot).
Homemade Acne Recipe

Artisan Bodycare Products

No Time for Homemade?

If a homemade acne recipe option doesn’t align with your schedule or tastes, consider artisan products—soaps, scrubs and lotions that are handmade by small manufacturers.  These are less likely to contain irritants like sodium lauryl sulfate, preservatives and other synthetic chemicals that are common in commercial products (but check natural ingredients anyway since they are unregulated).  Artisan products can be found on the internet, in etsy shops, and at many farmer’s markets.

Additional Thoughts:

A few other tips to keep in mind as you care for blemish prone skin:

  • Wash towels and pillowcases regularly.
  • Other body care products, from shampoos to makeup, will also get on your face, so also consider natural versions of these.
  • Replace makeup regularly to reduce contamination concerns.



This information is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Always seek the advice of a qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding medical conditions.

What other homemade acne recipe options work for you?

I don’t like “Organic”




The Quest to Find the Perfect Organic – Isn’t Always A Smooth One

Did you ever taste a cookie you didn’t like?  Probably.

What about ice cream, do you enjoy EVERY flavor? Probably Not.

We all have our own unique tastes and preferences.  Many Australian children grow up loving Vegemite a dark viscous yeast spread that would make the average American child run screaming from the kitchen.  These same Aussie youngsters may find peanut butter peculiar.

It’s all a matter of what you grow up with, what you are accustomed, tastes,  and preferences.

Organic Journey

"I don't like it"

I’ve noticed  a tendency for people to dismiss a whole entire category of foods & products strictly because the have had a bad experience with one item in the category.

  • They will eat one Organic Cookie that isn’t to their taste and swear off ALL Organic Cookies.
  • They will try an Organic Moisturizer that causes a breakout and swear off all Organic Moisturizers.

My simplistic definition of Organic is something grown without the use of pesticides.

  • Don’t like a particular Organic Cookie?  It’s the recipe!  It has nothing to do with lack of pesticides on the oatmeal used in the recipe!
  • If a moisturizer makes you breakout – it likely wasn’t the right formulation for your skin and had nothing to do with the lack of pesticides used for one of the ingredients.

Once you’ve decided to make the transition to organic and natural products – expect it to take time to find the perfect formulation for your skin, the right recipe for your taste buds.  Don’t give up because you don’t connect on your first attempt.

Additionally – when you are trying something new take advantage of retailers with excellent return policies, such as Whole Foods and Trader Joes.  Keep the receipt and they are more than happy to take a return on a product that wasn’t right for you.  So you can try it and take it back if it doesn’t work out.

Share Your Organic Journey with Us!