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Simple Steps to a Green Valentines

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Make this Year a Green Valentines 

Valentine’s Day is the  time we celebrate the love in our life

PND sat down with Janice Croze from 5 Minutes for Mom to share some great greens valentines finds.  Hopefully this video will inspire you to find greener ways to celebrate your special someone.

[youtube]This video was filmed using the Sony Handycam HDR PJ10,provided by Sony 

Products Featured in the PND Green Valentines Video

green valentines

With Janice Croze from 5 Minutes for Mom

Organic Candle Company  $14 – 29

Coco Zen Truffles $8 – $15.50

Chocoholikcs Lip Palette from Jane Iredale $35

Monica Hall Spa Vanilla Night Nectar $95

Five Bamboo Boyshort $12, Shelf Cami $14 & Bamboxers $17


A green valentines day – it’s simpler than you think!

Share your Green Valentines Ideas

Safe Face Paint

Face Paint: Is it Safe?

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Lead, Nickel and other Toxins in Face Paints!

Safe Face Paint

Too Close to the Eye!

Face Painting epitomizes childhood joy. Their smiles are big as they dive into the fantasy land that face painting evokes.

Safe Face Paint

The question is – should we be concerned about potential toxins contained in these often cheaply made, deeply pigmented face paint products? In this video we cover toxins the EWG has found in the face paint they tested… along with other known allergens. Lyra  Face Painting Pencils made in Germany is a good option.

Another option worth checking out is Elegant Minerals, they let you chose your colors and are even made in the USA!

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Has your child had a bad reaction to Face Paint?

The Best Family Present

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What Makes a Family Present Great?

One of the best family presents we’ve gotten recently has been a trampoline.  Truth be told, when we decided to move forward and get a trampoline – I really looked at it as a gift for the children.  Something they would love combined with a great physical activity. Win. Win.

What I didn’t anticipate was how much fun it would be for the whole family!  Our family consists of a 4, 6 & 14 year old and all 3 loved the new addition to our back yard!   And while the lil’s all enjoy trampoline time… I’ve found that mama loves it too.  Sometimes I’ll just sneak out without the lil’s catching me and I’ll jump until I’m breathless.

I also didn’t anticipate how much the lil’s would want to jump together as a family, and how much fun it would be to jump with them – talk about heart prints.

Family Present

Great Family Present for All Ages


I asked friends to Share their Favorite Family Present EVER !

Fitness & Fun

I  discovered – I’m not alone in LOVING the trampoline!

Kadi Cobb Prescott mom of 7 (yes 7!!!)  said they bought a giant trampoline. “Our kids got it from Santa five years ago and still use it all the time!”

Gena Martinez Morris from the Morris Bunch said “My dad got our family a trampoline a couple years ago. It was the best gift ever and the reason my 3 year old daughter hops everywhere she goes!”

Amy Benton Bradley from Freaky Perfect even  bought a mini tramp  for my son’s Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). It helps calm him down when he gets worked up. But we ALL love it!


Kate Canterbury from The Guavalicious Life got her family a membership to the zoo for her daughters’ first Christmas. “We used it almost every week. Not only did it help create some wonderful family memories, it also motivated me to get out of the house since we could just duck in for an hour or so whenever we wanted. Plus it wasn’t another toy that cluttered up the house when the girls got tired of it”.


Katja Presnal of Skimbaco Lifestyle took her immediate and extended family on Ski trip to Park City Mountain Resort for Christmas with extended family was the best family gift we ever got!

Three years ago  Maricris Guadagna from Zensible Mama bought her family a Plane ticket to visit family in the Philippines.  “It was the first time for my daughter and hubby to meet the rest of my family. It was one of the most expensive purchase but totally worth it.”

Resourceful Mommy, Amy Lupold Bair surprised her family with a getaway to Disney World! “I didn’t even tell my husband when I booked it!”  Lisa Douglas from Crazy Adventures in Parenting also took a surprise Disney trip last Christmas. Andrea Peskind Katz of Great Thoughts  also planned a surprise family trip to Disneyworld.  They gave kids wrapped Minnie Mouse shirts with a poem telling them we were going. “Screaming ensued! Awesome!”  It sounds like Disney and surprises go hand in hand!

Quality time together and memories that will last a lifetime.

Handcrafts & Creativity

Kelly Kinkaid from Kellyology said “My Grandmother-in-law makes hand crafted quilts for every baby born and for every new family member added by marriage. It’s a fantastic tradition, and each quilt some how represents perfectly each person it is made for.

Lolli Franklin from Better In Bulk has embraced her craftiness, “One year I made fleece blankets for each of my kids. I purchased the fabric (personalized for each… child) and cut and tied the blankets all in secret. I would wait til the kids were in bed before pulling everything out each night. I was an awesome surprise and I loved that I not only made them something personal, but that their big gift from me was not a toy. That was 5 years ago, and all 5 of my kids still use their blankets.

Rajean Campbell Blomquist was creative in announcing baby news and making a treasured gift, “Right after I was married we found christmas ornament frames and I put the ultrasound to our baby girl inside for my parents, his mother, our two oldest daughters. We hadn’t announced yet that they’d be grandparents again and big sisters. It was really sweet & surprising.”

All in all it seems the best family present is one that encourages family time together and naturally the lasting memories follow.

Love Letter to the FTC – I was sent a trampoline to review by Jumpsport – writing this post was not a part of the agreed upon review – although having the trampoline was the inspiration behind it.

So… Travel, Something homemade or will your family bounce into the new year on a Trampoline?  As you get ready for this season of giving are you considering a family present…?





Mail! Where We Found Our Halloween Costumes This Year

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Almost every week – things arrive on my doorstep. Some are sent via PR and some I order online… not always the greenest way to buy, but it is a tool in this busy mom’s toolbox.

This week our Halloween Costumes came in the mail! Oh my, the lil’s have been SO excited it’s hard to keep them out of them. And… Lil Diva has declared that Halloween on Monday is WRONG… and it only be on weekends (she’s right isn’t she!).


What's In The Mail? Image from Brian Matis


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Easter Traditions

Easter Traditions Worth Sharing

How fun is Easter.  Girls in their Easter Dresses, Egg Hunts, celebrations, and excitement about the frost finally thawing across the country.

Our church hosts an Service on Easter Sunday at the Hollywood Bowl every year, so attending that service has become a wonderful part of our Easter Tradition.  If you are ever in Los Angeles it is a not to be missed way to celebrate Easter!

Easter Traditions

Easter Sunday at the Hollywood Bowl

I Set Out to Discover More  Easter Traditions

The Easter Egg

My Eco Savvy Friends Dye Easter Eggs too… only they don’t grab a dye kit for this fun activity… they turn instead to the spice rack, and the produce isle!  What a simple fun way to get children involved in having fun with their food!

Easter Traditions

Naturally Colorful - from Debra at Bungalow

Beets, cabbage, coffee and grass are a few of the ingredients that will lend just the hue you are after for your eggs this holiday season.  You can learn how Debra did her eggs over at Blissfully Domestic.

Lisa Douglas from Adventures In Parenting has a great post on naturally dying Easter eggs.  Plus, she adds some information that hopefully make us think twice before grabbing those handy kits from the market.

And… let’s face it… Egg Dying can get messy… so for a few tips on the chaos that can ensue when color and children intersect… read Lolli’s tips from Better In Bulk she’ll share wisdom like don’t leave 4 kids alone in a kitchen with 8 cups of dye!

Beyond The Basket

I love hearing inspiration that takes a step back from the commercialism.  Last year instead of Baskets, Gena Morris from the Morris bunch gave her lil’s Bibles, this year everyone is getting covers.   An approach like seems like it would reinforce family beliefs and values.

Borrow A Tradition

Cascarones (Confetti Eggs) are a Mexican Tradition that looks like a lot of fun… maybe too much fun. I’m not sure this is one for me.  I can imagine trying to de-glitter my home & yard for months after Easter  – I  bet Lil Diva & Dude would love it!!!  This post was shared with my by Carrie Ferguson Weir of Tiki Tiki Blog and they have all the instructions you need to craft Cascarones of your own this Easter!

Easter Traditions

Cascarones Image Courtesy of Roger Imp

Easter Coloring

OK – coloring may not be an Easter Tradition, but Winnie the Pooh is certainly a family tradition in our home and when I saw these I knew they would be a great to have on hand when you need a quiet moment at Brunch or Dinner.

Easter Traditions

Winnie The Pooh coming this summer! Download 7 Easter Coloring Pages

What Are Your Favorite Family Easter Traditions?

Eco Savvy Gift Bag: Simple Solution

Every year we spend hours, wrapping countless gifts in preparation for the holidays. In a few minutes the excitement is over and we’re left with a big bag of trash.   Do this project early in the holiday season to avoid the late nights right before the big day.

Eco Savvy Gift Wrapping

Last year I made eco-friendly reusable gift bags.   You don’t need to be a great seamstress, just the  ability to sew a straight-ish line. They are fast and easy.

Quick and easy doesn’t mean, wait until Dec 19th to start sewing, or you’ll wonder what ever made you think this was a good idea.

The good news is, you only have to make them once. Then they are done. This year I only have to pull them out and wrapping will be a breeze!

All Decked Up


7-10 yards of lightweight muslin.
Large Spool of matching thread
Sewing Machine
Iron & Ironing Board


This isn’t an exact science, I approximated my measurements and worked it out. You’re essentially making a pillow case for each gift.

Grab a few of the gifts you need to wrap. Haven’t done your shopping, collect an assortment of toys and books. Look in the birthday gift stash for sample sizes too.

Each bag is made with one piece of muslin, fold over, pin down. Sew a seam along each side.

NOTE – If you are worried about fraying you’ll want to sew all the rough edges with a zig-zag stich before sewing your seems and hem.

Lay out your fabric to determine the “envelope size” you’ll need. Place the gifts on the fabric, allow an inch or two for wiggle room. Add 2″ extra inches for seams on the side and 1 1/2 for the top. Remember you will be using these again, so precision isn’t the goal.

TIP – Cut multiple bags of each size all at one time.

Next, determine how much room you need to allow for the length of your “envelope”. Guesstimate how much fabric it will take to cover your desired gift, then add a few inches. It’s nice to have extra on top for a prettier presentation.

Iron the bag. Fold the top edge over one time, then fold again (for a cleaner finish) and pin.

Sew the top seam.

Iron and your bag is done.

All that’s left to do is insert the gift, label and embellish (if desired).

For the greenest option (you’ll need to select a slightly heavier muslin so it’s not too sheer), insert the gift and tie with raffia.

I wrap the gift with a couple of sheets of tissue paper, and tie with raffia or satin ribbon (which I reuse).  The picture shows some ribbon from the past that I’m trying to use up.

What’s nice is the sheerness of the muslin allows the color of the tissue paper to show through. You still have a nice festive look and if you love to pay attention to detail (aka anal like me) you can color coordinate.

Healthier Whole Grain Spritz Cookies: Diva Recipe

I love it when I find a way to make conventional recipes healthier, even if it’s just a little bit better as in the case with this recipe. Spritz cookies are perfect for the holidays, but they are so much fun and so easy to make that once you get the hang of making them you won’t want to relegate them to the holidays!  This recipe is 100% whole grain and the addition of oat bran adds to their flakiness.

Guilt Free Delectible Treats


•    2/3 cup Organic Butter
•    1/3 cup of Grapeseed Oil
•    2/3 cup sifted Organic Confectioners’ Sugar
•    1 Organic Free Range Egg – separated
•    1 teaspoon Vanilla
•    1 teaspoon of Baking Powder
•    1 Cup Organic Whole Grain White Flour
•    1 Cup of Organic Whole Wheat
•    3/4 Cup of Organic Oat Flour
Organic Decorating Sugar or Confectioners’ Sugar for decoration


1.  Bring Butter to room temp and blend with oil, cream together with the confectioner’s sugar in bowl until light and fluffy, using electric mixer at medium speed. Beat in egg white, then add egg yolk and vanilla; blend well.

Creaming Butter

2.  Gradually stir flour into creamed mixture, mixing well.
3.  Choose your design and place into cookie press. Place about 1/3 of the dough in cookie press at a time. I found it worked best when you made a nice tube out of the dough first then plop it in and press. Line up the press “grips” to engage the pressing action. Place the press on the cookie sheet, press and quickly but gently remove the press. Space cookies about 1 inch apart, on parchment or an ungreased baking sheets. The press takes time to get used to and get going… so don’t worry when you have a couple that don’t work, just toss them back in with your unpressed dough and have a redo.

4.  If decorating with colored sugar, cherries, or jelly – add that before baking.

Ready For the Oven

5.  Bake in 400 degrees F  oven 7-10 minutes or until set, not browned.

6 .  Remove from baking sheets; cool on racks.

Fully Baked

7.  If decorating with confectioners sugar.  Lightly dust once cool.  Enjoy.

Greener Holiday Giving: Diva Guide

By Tania Reuben

Time is counting down for the holidays and if you are looking for way to green your gifting this year, check out some of these ideas.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite finds to make gift giving a little easier!

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Plan Toys

Plan Toys is an industry leader in making fantastic eco friendly toys for children. These toys are non toxic, durable and will allow the child in your life to play creatively for hours.

Purchase PLAN TOYS through amazon.


Green Toys

Green Toys Made in the USA from recycled Milk Jugs! These toys are non toxic and instead of plastic being wasted, they are turning it into great toys. Look for Trucks, sand toys, garden kits & this cute tea set that is food safe! Win a Dish Set from PND – CLICK HERE.




Hessnatur  offers a great selection of well priced classic menswear and children’s clothing. Organic whenever possible, Natural, Non Toxic and Fair trade from concept through execution.  I’ve never met a woman who wasn’t happy to receive the gift of Cashmere!  Save 25% for the holidays.


Sub Urban Riot

Sub Urban Riot makes super hip, yet still relaxed t-shirt that have been seen on Entourage and It’s always Sunny In Philadelphia.  Note – there line is slimmer cut, so if you are looking for an ‘American Cut’ T-Shirt Choose from these styles; horse tee, RIOT, tee, hell yeah, and majestic panther.



I love Etsy – it’s an online site for artisans to showcase their handmade and crafted wares.  You can spend hours getting lost in the sites of all the vendors.

Here are a few of my current favorites!


Allison Mooney Designs

Allison designs are stunning and have broad appeal – I would love to receive any one of her designs as a gift!  Her etsy store is full of necklaces, bracelets and my favorite – earrings.  CLICK HERE for the PND Review & Giveaway.



This mother of two designs simple, unique treasures from her studio in the Garden State.  With an Etsy shop full of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets you are sure to cross someone off your list with a visit to her shop.


Beads For Blanche

I love all the fantastic color choices this etsier employs in their line.  A great etsy shop to check out, full of colorful necklaces, earrings and bracelets.





Couture Cotton

If lingerie is on the list, go organic where pure really counts!  Couture Cottons makes organic underwear and cozy organic pajamas.  Yet another example of design breaking down the barrier of what “organic” looks like.  Check out our Review and Giveaway CLICK HERE.




Who Doesn’t love a fabulous new heels for all the great parties!  NeuAura makes fabulously stylish vegan and eco friendly designs to step out for the holidays in style.  They make styles to walk you through your entire year. Don’t forget to check out their fantastic Thames boots!



Urth Handbags

The ultimate Eco Asscecories!  Made from recycled juice boxes, magazines and newspapers and stylish too!  Check out the Diva Giveaway and Review – CLICK HERE.


Yellow Wallpaper

Based in Los Angeles – This Etsier makes a nice selection of gorgeous handbags that have a slightly retro feel to their design.  In a day and age when most handbags are made in China Yellow Wallpaper is handmade.  What a stylish way to buy Made In the USA.

Skin Care

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty has some lovely sets that are perfect the holidays.  CLICK HERE to read our review of their Green Apple Moisturizer and Juice Beauty.

Make Up

Everyday Minerals

We reviewed Everyday Minerals earlier this year and love the quality of their products. Check out the review and be sure to enter their ENCORE giveaway!

House & Home


Glass Dharma

Looking for a unique gift for the hostess that has it all, the glass straw is a great solution! Prices start at $6 and gift sets of 4 start at $23.



PND has been encouraging readers to bring their own bags while shopping, you can encourage your friends to do the same, with style use an EnviroVoque Reusable Bags as a fun stocking stuffer or in place of wrapping paper.  They offer some great designs that will make you want to remember to use them! Retail for $7.95-9.95.


SPUD Organic Delivery

Buy the harried Mother’s and Father’s in your life a gift certificate to SPUD organic delivery if they are in your area.  If not check out Local Harvest for options that will work for your recipient.  We use SPUD and I have to say that not much is better than having trips to the grocery eliminated from your to do list and fresh organic products delivered to your door!

Use the code PURENATURALDIVA to save $25 over 4 orders.


I wish we could have covered even more ground this year!  There are so many great people and companies that with a little effort you can get into the swing of greener giving.

Don’t forget to wrap greener too! Use paper made with 100% post consumer waste, reusable gift bags, or try the Diva Solutions and make your own gift bags!


Green Toys: Diva Review

By Tania Reuben

Green Toys makes a line of toys made in the USA from recycled milk jugs! Very few toys are Made in the USA and even fewer are made from primarily reclaimed ingredients!

Most PND readers know that I’m not a big fan of plastic.  Green Toys are part of the solution. They use recycled plastic milk jugs, turning waste into fun, high quality, safe toys.  The milk jugs are high-density polyethylene (or HDPE), the safest plastic option in the marketplace today.

Green Toys has some great basics in their line-up.  Everything from jump ropes & eco saucer (think frisbee) to a 15 piece tool set, 4 piece Sand Set and a 27 piece Cookware & Dining Set.

Green Toys recently sent me a couple of their toys to check out:

The Tea Set – 17 pieces of food safe tea fun!


Their Tea Set is great, and I’m not the only one who think so.  At the time of writing this post this set had 78 reviews on Amazon and a 5 star rating!

The set is sturdy, the colors are pale pastel and the size of the cups and plates are just right.  Not too big, not too small.

One of the best things about this set is that it IS food safe.  Now this might seem like a basic criteria for a children’s tea set, but surprisingly it’s not.  Most of the tea sets in the marketplace for children are not food safe.  Yet I bet everyone of them is used to hold many a thimbleful of water that that will be refilled and consumed throughout every tea party.

Recycle Truck – Boys (and girls) loves trucks and choosing a recycling truck gives another tool for eco teaching the child in your life


The Truck is a good size, similar to those you’ll see in a sandbox or playground.  It has a door that opens on the back so it can be filled with treasures – important in the Diva home.  We also liked that the side of the truck had small openings that the children use to stash coins or rocks.

It’s worth noting that the doors to the cabin of the truck don’t open and close and which is fine with me, one less thing to break off and fall apart. 

A Special Not About Packaging! Have you ever had to spend more time wresting to get your toys out of their excessive packaging?  You won’t have that experience with green toys.  They don’t use any cellophane, plastic, or twist ties!  They also use all 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard to package their toys.  Open the box and play!  Just like it should be!

We loved the Green Toys so much that I added a few of their items to the children’s wishlist for their grandparents!  I added the cookware set and the tool box.

WINNER:  Samantha C Check your inbox!

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Can’t wait to win:

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Fabulous Sweaters for Fall & Winter: Eco Savvy Guide

By Tania Reuben


Organic Merino Wool Cardigan $75

Organic Merino Wool Cardigan $75

Organic Cotton Cardigan from hessnatur $110

Organic Cotton Cardigan $110

Organic Wool  Slim Fit Cardigan $75

Organic Wool Slim Fit Cardigan $75

Alpaca & Wool Cardigan $160

Alpaca & Wool Cardigan $160

With winter moving through most of the country there is nothing like a great sweater.

Living in Los Angeles it doesn’t get too cold, I probably wear sweaters daily. We are cold in the morning (if you call 48 degrees cold and I do) and often in a t-shirt by midday – cardigans offer warmth with flexibility. Dodging to avoid the snowballs being flung my way by mid-west and east coast readers.

Recently I’ve been on a hunt to find great eco sweaters.  I thought if I was looking, maybe my readers were too.  It didn’t hurt that  as an added bonus I’d be able to feature some fabulous woolens from my sponsor, hessnatur.  I searched through pages on Google, hunting and found nothing  I loved.  The sweaters from my sponsor, were better than anything I was finding.

My plan had been to feature one or two styles from hessnatur. After my search, I couldn’t find anything I wanted to add.  I did make an honest attempt.  From the style of their offerings, the ethical manufacturing, the number of organic selections, to their pricing. They have some of the best eco friendly sweaters I could find. Did I mention the variety of styles they offer?  They hands down had more styles, color and variety than any site I visited preparing this piece.

Sweaters make a great gift because they tend to be more forgiving fit wise, but if it’s not right, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to pay more money to return an item.  hessnatur is currently offers free shipping and returns, for worry free online shopping.

Links to some of the other items I found researching for this piece:  Gaiam & Fair Indigo