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You’ve seen the hashtag – and want to know – what is #diva4d?

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Daily the Union Rescue Mission Cares for 188 Children.

#Diva4d is my birthday wish.  As a milestone year it became important to do something worthy of the occasion.

Homeless Shelters have seen a 55% increase in the women and children coming to their doors.  Seeing people living on the street saddens me to my core, so with the resources of our homeless shelters stretched to the limit it became the focus of my efforts.

The Goal: House & Feed 20 People, for 20 nights at a cost of $40 per night.

20 people for 20 nights cannot be done on my own.  YOU know how much I love you?  I promise to love you even more if you help make this grand scheme a reality.

Moreover  – I’ve done the math – If  you not only get involved yourself, but find 3 people to donate $20 – and those 3 donate $20…. We will make it happen!

Shared through 3 networks of people with each of us getting 3 people to take action.  We ensure 20 people are warm and fed for 20 nights.  Together we can make a difference.

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LIVE event: #diva4d

As a banner year, Dude (aka my husband) decided a BIG party was in order.  We’ve invited our closest friends to join us for what promises to be a super fun night!  We’ve asked our guest to donate in lieu of gifts and I know they will be my biggest stewards of this cause.  We are working with sponsors and using the event to launch the online campaign.


For Corporate Sponsorship contact: diva @ purenaturaldiva (dot) com

View ALL the fun Details in the #diva4d Event Deck

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